Hasami Shogi No Longer Available

Unfortunately, the new version of iOS broke my Hasami Shogi app, and I no longer have the time to keep it updated given how few people have downloaded it. I’ve decided to remove it from sale in the app store, but if you have it on an older device, it should still continue to work. In more positive news, I’m working on updating Harmonic Ear Trainer to work and look better on the newer iPhones, and I’m redoing the sound engine from the ground up for smoother playback. It should be available by the end of the summer.

Updates on the Way

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my apps, and I’m finally getting around to adding multitasking and support for the retina display to all of my existing apps. I recently got my hands on a iPhone 4S so I can actually test those features, since all I had before was a second generation iPod touch and an iPhone 3G. Look for all of my apps to support these features by the end of January. Now, if I only had an iPad, I could convert them all to universal apps…

Hasami Shogi Now Available

Hasami Shogi is now available for download on the iTunes app store. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the app, or any of my other apps.

Hasami Shogi Coming Soon

For my latest app, I’ve decided to branch out from making exclusively music apps and produce a game. I’ve been working on it for a while (thus the lack of updates of this blog), but I just finished up version 1.0 of Hasami Shogi, and it has been submitted to apple for inclusion on the app store. Hasami Shogi is a variant of Japanese chess that plays like a cross between checkers and reversi. Look for it on the app store in the next couple of weeks. For fans of my music apps, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m planning on continuing to work on them and keep them updated for the new versions of iOS.

Harmonic Ear Trainer 1.1.1 Now Available

The new update for Harmonic Ear Trainer is now available with minor bug fixes and updating for iPhone OS 3.1.3. Existing users can download it for free, and new users can purchase it on iTunes.

Harmonic Ear Trainer Update Submitted

Another update to the Harmonic Ear Trainer app is complete and has been submitted to Apple for distribution. This update fixes a bug where the app would sometimes crash when switching to the chord trainer. I also tweaked it to comply with iPhone OS 3.0. Unfortunately, that means that it will no longer run on iPhone OS 2.0, so if you want the free update, you’ll need to be running at least iPhone OS 3.1.3. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, and otherwise, you can look for the new version as a free download to existing users within the next week or so.

BrassNotes Now Available

BrassNotes, my interactive fingering chart for brass instruments, is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can download it on the app store, or find out more information about it here. Also, I’ve slightly redesigned the website with each app getting its own page so the iPhone app page doesn’t get too cluttered. Hopefully this will make it easier to get info on the particular app your looking for. In the meantime, keep sending me suggestions on how I can improve my apps.

BrassNotes Submitted

BrassNotes, my interactive brass fingering chart for the iPod Touch and iPhone, is complete and has been submitted to Apple for distribution on the app store. Look for it within the next couple of weeks.

BrassNotes Coming Soon

I’m currently finishing up my latest app, BrassNotes. This app is an interactive fingering chart for trumpet, french horn, trombone, and tuba. I should be able to complete it and submit it to the app store within the next few weeks, so you can expect it to be available soon after that.

Note2Tab Updated

Version 1.1 of Note2Tab is now available featuring labels for each note in the staff. If you’ve already purchased the app, the new version is available as a free update on your iPhone or iPod touch. If you don’t have Note2Tab yet, you can purchase it on the app store.